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Our Classes

We split our classes by age range, 2½-3½ years old and 3½ to 5 years old, as we feel we can teach the most beneficial classes this way.  Classes are led by hand-picked coaches who are used to working with young children. All classes are held indoors or outdoors depending on season and weather and last 40 minutes. Each term is eight weeks long and will run all year round. Keep checking back for our new classes which will be announced here very soon!

COVID safe measures are in place.

Times & Bookings


How does a Cricket tots class work?
Each Cricket tots class is broadly similar. Whilst variations occur according to the venue, age of the children in the class and abilities within the class, there is always a set programme of activities which develop core cricketing skills.
What happens at our first class? How will we know what to do?

At your very first class, we’ll be at the entrance to your venue to meet you. We’ll show you where to go, how things work and where the nearest toilets are. Our coaches and team are chosen because they are happy, positive, outgoing people with a natural enthusiasm for life. We all get off to a great start when you are as positive and enthusiastic about the classes as we are – we want children to be excited about their new cricketing adventure.

Thereafter, once you know where you are going, you’ll likely see that there will be one class ending and then in five minutes time, another class starting. By keeping the time between classes short, we can welcome more children to Cricket tots, so we really appreciate it when you arrive on time and ready to join in, and are prompt in departing after your class has ended.

The coaches will collect the team together and whilst taking the register, will usually show the children both an adult sized and child sized version of a piece of equipment. Naming and terminology is used from the first class, so please do expect your child to return to you keen to share that knowledge each week

Classes then progress through a number of skills, drills and paced activities. Towards the end of the class, there will be a parachute activity, which parents are asked to join in with. This brings everyone together and ends the class on a high note.

How many children are in the class?

This varies according to the venue size and the ages and abilities of the children. In some classes we have a maximum of 8 children. Our largest class has a maximum of 12 children.

How long does the class last?

The class lasts for 40 minutes. Please arrive on time, with your child dressed ready to join in to make the most of their time with us.

Do I need to stay with my child for the full class?

Yes please. Even the most established of attendees can become nervous at different points and need to return to you for a cuddle before re joining the class. Cricket tots is a great way to develop independence within a safe, nurturing environment.

Will I need to join in?

Towards the end of each class, we usually do a group activity where parents are welcomed to join. Parents are asked to join in and celebrate the achievements within that class.

What should my child wear?

Your child will need to wear trainers, comfortable trousers or tracksuit pants and their Cricket tots t shirt. On cooler days we recommend a jumper to put on afterwards – children can get quite hot during classes!

My child has a disability. Can they still join Cricket tots?

Yes! Of course they can. Throughout our many years of working with thousands of small children, we’ve been happy to welcome children of all abilities to our classes. Everything can be adapted and we are proud to be experienced in adapting our teaching to ensure of inclusivity. If you’d like to talk to us before booking on, please call the office on 0438233773 or email us at

Can we pay weekly or do we need to pay for the term in advance?

Payment is made termly, before the term begins. Full payment must be made to secure your place.

What happens if a class is cancelled?

On the very rare occasion that the class needs to be cancelled, you’ll be given as much notice as possible. Full details are provided within our terms and conditions.

If your question isn’t answered here please let us know – we regularly add to this list and appreciate your help in making it as comprehensive as possible. Please call us in the office on 0438233773 or email if there is anything else that we can help you with.

Our Coaches

When only the best teachers will do! Our Cricket tots classes are taught by fully qualified, friendly and experienced coaches who understand exactly how to get children working and playing together effectively.


We are proud to say that our equipment is supplied by Gray Nicolls. For over 160 years, they have been the brand of choice and in the hands of the very best cricketers. 

Get Active

It’s a known fact that active kids are happy kids! With physical education during school time being somewhat limited, having something outside of school to get involved with is a must!

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Start the innings of a lifetime

Cricket tots teaches the fundamentals of cricket to children between the age of 2 ½ to 5 year olds. Our sessions are well structured, progressive and fun. Our qualified instructors love what they do and are knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and engaging.

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